⇢ Better Visibility
⇢ Better Communication
⇢ Better Customer Service


Real-time Locations for any shipment.

  • Track loads in real-time with location data from any phone
  • Utilize the benefits with for-hire carriers and fleet drivers
  • Real-time maps showing load progress and service forecast


Pickup Confirmation & Status Updates.

  • Proprietary email alerts for loads projecting late delivery
  • Receive electronic confirmation when loaded or unloaded
  • Customize the alerts you receive for priority or high-value loads


Integrates with your TMS and workflow.

  • Load details transferred electronically with most TMS's
  • Historical analytics for loads, carriers and customer service
  • Easily view and update loads on our online LOCATE Dashboard

The LOCATE Dashboard


1. Have your for-hire carriers and fleet drivers install the LOCATE App onto their smartphone:

Download App Download App

2. Sign pricing agreement

  • This is not a contract but simply an acknowledgement of our fee schedule.
  • Simply pay as you ping. Contact us to learn more.

3. Our Tech team will connect the LOCATE Dashboard to your TMS/operations system

  • Web based integration, without interacting through our website, allowing your server to seamlessly communicate with our server.
  • No new IT infrastructure needed.

4. Receive confidential secure login ID for the LOCATE Dashboard

5. Login to LocateDashboard.com and enter the driver’s mobile phone number to begin tracking your load in real time.

"Sign up today and see your trucks tomorrow!"

  • "Expand margin through growing your carrier base & lowering claims."
  • "Increase supply chain visibility with better communication on service issues"
  • "Eliminate inefficient and dangerous track-and-trace phone calls."